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What to Do when your Phone Screen is Cracked

There are many ways your phone’s screen can crack. It may slip out of your hand while you take a call or something may fall on it, smashing the glass.  Luckily, the display still works and maybe you can still use the touchscreen controls. But, should you leave it that way? The answer is definitely no. A cracked phone screen can become a more serious issue when you leave it unrepaired.

When your screen cracks, make sure to do the following immediately:

Check if your Insurance Covers a Cracked Screen

If your insurance covers this problem, make sure to check under what conditions. If can get full coverage for your phone situation, arrange to get it fixed immediately. Usually, the main issue is not having a phone for a few days. Expect that most insurance does not cover a replacement to a phone screen.

Look for a Mobile Phone Repair Service

Although you can ship your phone to the official manufacturer, you must pay through the nose for this option. Fees are going to be expensive if your warranty has expired. The best way to do is to look for a local repair shop you can trust. Just use the internet for your search and make sure to read customer reviews. If you own an iPhone, avoid going for the cheap iPhone screen repair service as you usually get what you pay for. iphones are not cheap so you want to make sure you get the repair services your phone deserves. Usually, you may pay by the hour or a fixed rate; however, a skilled technician can replace your screen quickly. But, before choosing a shop, check the prices and compare them with other shops first.

Sell your Phone and Buy a New One if It’s Beyond Repair

A lot of websites will purchase a used phone even with screen cracks. Although you may not get enough cash from this for your next phone purchase, at least you get something out of a usable phone. As a phone owner, you just cannot expect your phone to last for life. There will come a time when you need to get a new one and this might be a perfect time. Buying a replacement phone often makes sense when it is cheaper than getting your old phone fixed. If you are already planning to upgrade your phone a few months later, it might be best to do it now.

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