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Ways by which website design and SEO are related.

Singapore has one of the most vibrant and dynamic e-commerce industries in the world, which is why, nowadays web design Singapore companies are gaining popularity. As a web designer, it is important to consider search engine optimization while designing a website. Some of the areas to consider include:

Code: The designer may choose to play around with the code to enhance the overall look of the website. While elements like Flash may make the site look cool, they are difficult to optimize, decreasing their search engine ranking.

Design: The readability and design of a website are crucial. When creating a website, proper space should be left for copy, as the text in the copy is used for better SEO.

Images: Images get optimized for a better search result. Large image size slows download time, which provides poor user experience and increases the bounce rate of the website. The increased frequency, in turn, decreases a website’s ranking.

Alt tags: Images on the website should have optimized and descriptive alt tags. These descriptions help search engines determine the content of the image.

These and a few other factors, including mobile-friendliness, navigation, etc. have an impact on how high the website’s search rank is and should get considered when developing a site.

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