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Three Metrics to Consider to Measure the Success of your SEO Efforts

SEO is one of the most effective ways to market your small business. SEO exists to help websites rank higher in search engines and attract customers. If you have invested in SEO, you want to know whether or not it is working in your favour. But, how exactly can you tell if you have good SEO? To analyze the success of your SEO service efforts, you must use metrics to help in painting the overall picture of your success. These metrics include:

Website Traffic

In terms of traffic, there is more to this than counting the number of people who visit your site. The traffic can be people who visit your site directly through a link given on another site or by typing the address or those that come from search engines. When measuring your traffic, you want organic search traffic. This is traffic that comes from users who searched for something and chose your page from the search results.

Page Load Time

Google is constantly looking for major indicators that reflect the user experience. These indicators include the page load time. When a page in your site takes a long time to load, Google may rank it lower than a similar page that loads faster. Although your page load time is not a metric that helps in indicating success, it can help improve the SEO for a page.

Keyword Ranking

This ranking will demonstrate how well your website pages rank when compared with websites if a specific keyword is searched for. It tells you many things about the success of your efforts. You can track your keyword ranking by knowing the relevant keywords for the page. Then, determine your rank at the start and track the changes over time. Aside from looking at the progress of the primary keywords, you also need to think about the success you are having with secondary keywords.

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