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How to Protect your Phone from Hackers

Smartphones are valuable devices that can easily get lost or stolen. But, their ability to connect to the internet exposes it to the risk of online hacking and invasion. With all the reports about data breaches and malware hacking, every phone owner should take measures to secure their phone and protect their data. To keep your phone away from prying eyes and dirty fingers, consider the tips below:

Keep your Operating System and Trusted Applications Updated

Software companies update their products constantly. A lot of these updates and bug fixes include security improvements that help in safeguarding smartphones against data breaches and intrusions. Also, they disable vulnerabilities that make it difficult for hackers to break through.  Get more information about operating systems at e-mobilguide.dk.

Don’t Connect to Public Wi-Fi If Possible

Free public Wi-Fi in cafes, shopping centres, airports, and other public places is open to all types of malicious attacks. If possible, just stick to your private cell connection and switch off Wi-Fi on your device every time you are in a public place. Or, you can use a VPN app as this tunnels network communications through an encrypted connection. However, be careful when choosing VPNs since they vary in quality. Make sure to disable Bluetooth, unless you need to use a device that requires it.

Set Up a Phone Lock

As a smartphone owner, one of the best practices you can adopt is setting up a passcode to enter your phone. The passcode will protect your phone data from being accessed when it gets stolen, unless the thief is someone you share the code with. The strongest passcode includes numbers, letters, and characterise. But, if you don’t like passcodes, fingerprint scanning and Face ID are also reliable options.

Choose Apps Carefully

Make sure to download only applications from reputable sellers or websites like Google Play and Apple’s App Store. Read reviews from trusted websites first before you download any third-party apps. This is especially important if you are using an Android phone since Google does not vet its applications as carefully as Apple.

Use Strong Passwords

Take passwords assignment carefully and use just strong ones so that hackers cannot easily crack them. Use passwords that contain 16-20 characters with a combination of letters, numbers, symbols, and upper and lower case. Also, change your passwords every six months to one year or every time you hear about issues with the program you use. When answering security questions, try not to do it honestly and change your answer for various setups. This way, hackers cannot easily figure out how to break into your device based on your information that’s available online.

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