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How To Look Into An SEO Agency Portfolio?

With a market full of SEO agencies, it is harder than ever to find the right one. There is a lot of work required to ensure you hire a reputed agency with all qualities. The most common thing to do here is to refer to the portfolio of these agencies. Almost all SEO agencies in Singapore have a list of all their previous work for your reference. However, the key here is in the way you look into these collections.

Quantity is of less importance.

The most common trend while looking into a portfolio is to count the number of clients. Many think the number of clients as a mark for quality among SEO firms. Although the number of clients is an excellent point to consider, quality is of more importance. Always make sure you select an agency with a few quality works than an agency with a large client base and comparatively lesser quality in the works.

Past client rankings and success

The one thing to consider while looking at past work is the ranking of these clients. You should at least select the most recent client of the agency you are dealing with and do some research on them. The search engine rankings and the level of success is the most critical points to look at.

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