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How to Level Up on Your SEO Writing Skills?

Content is important for Singapore SEO as Google keeps an eye and understands the content. Reading and understanding content is way easier for Google and users when the content is nicely written. Many people have the gifted skills of being a good writer, but there are many who struggle with it. If you are more of the latter, or if you want to level up your SEO writing skills, this article is for you.

  1. Be prepared

If you are a newbie to writing, then you must begin with preparing yourself. In other words, proper preparation includes a lot of thinking. You need to ask yourself questions like why are you writing this article, who are your readers, what do you want them to know and understand, what is the topic and the main message you want to convey to the audience.

  1. It is all about the structure

Always ensure that your content has a good structure as it makes all the difference in the article. If every paragraph follow each other in a structured order, then it becomes each to understand the message being conveyed. Consider different things you would like to discuss in the articles. Consider the order where you want to structure to address these issues. Then, jot them all down. Have a few words ready about every paragraph you are about to write.

  1. Work with short sentences

Never write sentences that have more than 20 to 25 words. If you are a newbie, then ensure you write short sentences. Longer sentences are tough to grasp. Readers are only able to take in 20 words in their minds. If your sentences are longer than that, then you need more cognitive power in order to grasp them. For understanding the content, the readers will have to reread your sentence again and again or at a slower speed. Moreover, writers also make grammatical errors when writing long sentences. Always keep it precise and concise. Shorter sentences are easy to read. Also, limit your use of passive voice, shorter paragraphs and use transition words as well.

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