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A Guide To Know About The Various Features Of A User Friendly Website

Every kind of business needs a website and it is very essential that the website design should be user-friendly. The performance of your website increases with the help of good usability.

A website which is simple and offers usability helps the users to find information quickly and easily. When you plan for a website setup then you need to have essential features in your website so that it is unique and is more appealing for the customers. The customers should be able to find information and get a proper insight into the subjects that they are looking for in your website.

Essential features of a User- Friendly Website

  • Scope For Mobile Compatibility – Nowadays mostly the users use mobile phones to access the internet. Your website should be mobile optimized. Even a mobile version of your website can be created for free with the assistance of mobile website developers.
  • Accessible To All Users – It should be available to a large number of people. Even the blind and the disabled should be benefitted. As these users use the screen-readers to access the internet, simple web-design methods should be used to make it accessible to the on-screen readers.
  • Presenting Information In A Well-Planned Manner – All the website sections should be planned carefully and the information should be arranged in such a way that users are able to find it easily.
  • Fast Load Times – If a website has a slow loading time users get annoyed and they move away. Ensure that it should take around 4 to 6 seconds to load. So that the visitors on the website are able to get the information fast.
  • Enough Scope For Browser Consistency – Your site should behave consistently with all the browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.
  • Good Navigation – Effective navigation is an important aspect of any kind of website. Use of simple HTML text or Javascript helps in good navigation, as these scripts are consistent on all kinds of browsers.

  • Contrasting Color Schemes – There should be a good contrast between the background and the text. For e.g. a white background with black text on it is legible.
  • Essential Business And Contact Information – Information related to your business should be provided on your website. Even the use of images and the pictures are helpful. You can provide essential information like email- id, address, contact number on your website.
  • Security – Your website should be secure. It can be done with an SSL Certificate. It helps in keeping your site safe from online hackers.


Thus the presence of these features makes your website a success. Your business experiences growth and increases its sales with the help of a professionally designed website.

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