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What to Do when your Phone Screen is Cracked

There are many ways your phone’s screen can crack. It may slip out of your hand while you take a call or something may fall on it, smashing the glass.  Luckily, the display still works and maybe you can still use the touchscreen controls. But, should you leave it that …

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What are smart city solutions?

Smart city solutions are the solutions that make the city use its resources smartly so that everyone is happy. These solutions include smart lighting, smart utilities, smart environment monitoring and smart lift monitoring to name a few. You need to ensure that the company that you choose for such smart …

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What Exactly Is Search History Targeting? Find Here!

People use relevant keywords while using search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. No matter whether it is about finding about the top medical school in the US or selecting a pair of hiking boots, keywords fuel online searches. In simple words, search history targeting is about retargeting online …

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How does a battery tester work?

A battery tester works by testing the current that a battery emits. The current is released from the battery when something conductive is touched to the negative and positive contacts. The battery tester uses a conductive medium to measure the charge or the amperage that comes from the battery. Every …

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A Guide To Know About The Various Features Of A User Friendly Website

Every kind of business needs a website and it is very essential that the website design should be user-friendly. The performance of your website increases with the help of good usability. A website which is simple and offers usability helps the users to find information quickly and easily. When you …

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